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Kay Golze

CEO and Member of the Board

Mr. Kay Golze, born in West Berlin. As CEO, he brings extensive know-how to manage projects and an international network of relationships to the Group. Mr. Golze is the initiator and founder of the WIPN Initiative 2004 in Berlin, which after four months was able to bring together more than 210 IT companies from the region. With its international business network, as well as political and economic relations, he brings a substantial foundation to the wiPN Group's trading network. Mr. Golze is the author of most of the strategies and economic concepts of the WIPN Group. He advises decision-makers in companies and governments.

Peter Debuschewitz

CEO and Member of the Board

Mr. Peter Debuschewitz, born in Kosterheide near Lindow. As A Board member for the field of transport and logistics systems, he takes over the worldwide development and coordination of the WIPN network. He actively brings his excellent national and international business contacts as a supervisory board member of Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) to the team of the WIPN Group. As Group Representative of DB AG, he made a significant contribution to key decisions and the successful development of Deutsche Bahn AG. He was also responsible for the realization of numerous large-scale projects in the DB Group.


Jochen Scholz

CEO and Member of the Board

Mr. Hans-Jochen Scholz, born in Kassel, Lieutenant Colonel a.D.. He is vice-chairman of the group. Building on his background on complex leadership and project experiences as coordinator of the Federal Republic of Germany in NATO, he is in favour of the coordination between the individual projects and the maintenance and further development of all international political contacts in the group. He advises on committees of the Bundestag and advises various deputies on international issues.

Our clients give us an excellent testimony in all areas where we have helped them. Our ability to analyse complex problems, to bring our experience to find solutions and to find the right solution has really helped with many problems.

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