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  • Q2-2019:

    • Development of a contract between the German government and an oil producing country into an energy partnership.

  • Q4-2018:

    • Analysis of the global strategy of the "energy transition" and its economic consequences. Risk assessment for climate protection or economic risks.

  • Q2-2018:
    • Analysis of the coal phase-out in Germany.

  • Q4 2013:
    • Successful completion in the formation of the MESY Group, Europe's largest group of companies for the realization of power-to-gas projects. Please address enquiries to the Board of Directors or to
      - Development of a prototype
      - Negotiation of a lighthouse project
      - Opening of negotiations with interested parties
  • Q3 2013:
    • Preparation of projects in Germany, Spain and GCC countries.
    • Acquisitions of further projects in the USA and other countries.
    • Convening of a joint project conference with all business partners in Berlin.
  • Q2 2013:
    • Presentation of the joint contracts in the form of cooperations to all companies. Companies are invited to sign a contract from June 2013.
    • Development of an international presentation concept.
    • Presentation of a first design of a 3D plant simulation with company presentation.
      (Download: laret_animation)
    • Negotiations with other companies for key technologies.
  • Q1-Q2 2013:
    • Construction of the acquisition pipeline. Successful presentations of development products in Germany and the Middle East (presentation at the GCC of the joint ventures planned). Further acquisition options and interests in the USA, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil.
  • Q3-2012:
    • Project meeting on the eIES project. Promptfrom companies to build a contract pipeline.
  • Q2-2012:
    • Formation of the project consortium for the eEIS project.
  • Q1-2012:
    • Presentation of a system concept to the project consortium eEIS.
      Initiation of negotiations with a Berlin-based vehicle manufacturer for the B-eLog project.
  • Dec. 2011:
    • Final report on market analysis City logistics and mobile storage systems.
      System design for the eEIS project. Restructuring of the B-eLOG project.
  • Nov. 2011:
    • Development of the eIES and B-eLOG project in the Berlin and Brandenburg region.
  • Jun. 2011:
    • Publication of the final report "Securing Mobility in the 21st Century" with a combination of all individual analyses in the fields of "Global Position and Navigation as Optimization Functions of Mobility", "Future Fuels as Energy Base of mobility" and "securing transfer data in communication networks".
  • May 2011:
    • Talks with companies in Berlin and Brandenburg on the establishment of a manufacturer of electric vehicles with accompanying research. The project name is "EMAR Electric Mobility Manufacturing with Accompanying Research". Discussions with other potential founding partners.
  • Apr. 2011:
    • Development of a common thread for company discussions on the establishment of a mobility manufacturing company. Concrete investment plan.
  • Apr. 2011:
    • Preliminary discussions on the establishment of a mobility manufacturer with institutions of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg.
  • Mar. 2011:
    • Selection of companies for the establishment of the mobility manufactory. Conduct initial discussions with companies and network partners.
  • Feb. 2011:
    • Formation of a working group for the development of a mobility manufacturer in Berlin and Brandenburg. Building a framework for action. The contact persons are Mr. Allesch, Dr. Wagener-Lohse, Mr. Golze.
  • Jan. 2011:
    • Presentation of the final report "Securing mobility in the 21st century" at the relevant Federal Ministries of Economy, Transport and Environmental Protection. Written thanks from the Minister for Economic Affairs, BrĂ¼derle.
  • Dec. 2010: Other:
    • The WIPN Group has taken over the Gamers Concept project as patron. The project will develop media literacy for students at Berlin schools. To this end, a project framework, content, websites and a forum by Mr Kay Golze for the schools have been set up. In the coming months, concepts will be developed with the schools, which will facilitate partnerships between "school" and business in the future.
  • Dec. 2010: Project development in the main theme 2:
    • In the coming months, the organisational and legal requirements between all companies will be developed. The aim is to create a legal body (company form) for investments and grants. In addition, a business platform for further partnerships will be developed.
  • Nov. 2010: Project development in the main theme 2:
    • By initiating the WIPN Group, a meeting of association representatives and companies to establish a development core of electromobility in the Economic Area of Berlin Brandenburg takes place at the IHK-Potsdam.
  • Jun. 2010: Project development in the main theme 2:
    • The EETEE project framework has been published. The project framework can be retrieved on request. Please write your request to the board of the WIPN Group.
  • Jan. 2010: Project development in the main theme 2:
    • The WIPN Group develops a project framework for the realization of electromobility with partners from politics, associations and companies.
  • Decision of the Board of Management of October 2008 on the strategic orientation of the WIPN Group according to the key topic
    "Securing mobility in the 21st century" with the following thematic groups:
    1. Global control and steering systems with position and navigation functions
    2. Future fuels of mobility in the 21st century
    3. Securing transfer data in communication networks
  • WIPN cooperates with various companies of the German economy, politics and associations in all strategic key topics. In addition, the WIPN Group cooperates with companies and governments outside Europe.
  • Projects on the key strategic themes:
    • Key topic 1: Global position and navigation as optimization functions of mobility
      • Documents
      • Feb. 2009: Convening of a first exploratory meeting for the National Industry Council for Navigation Application Systems (NICNAS).
      • May. 2009: Convening of a follow-up meeting within the framework of NICNAS.
      • Oct. 2009: A team of competences has been established in cooperation between EADS and WIPN. The competence team will be able to provide all German companies with the know-how for developing individual business strategies based on Galileo services in the future through a consulting provider.
      • Requests for this can be made to the members of the WIPN board by e-mail.
    • Key theme 2: Future fuels as an energy base for mobility
      • Documents
      • Feb. 2009: Presentation of a new energy strategy for future fuels
      • Division of the market "future fuels" into the following market segments
      • Gas (biogas, natural gas, etc.)
      • Hydrogen
      • Biodiesel (bio-oils, etc.)
      • Ethanol (Generation I, Generation II, etc.)
      • Electricity
      • Convening a working group to develop the next steps.
      • Development of a business concept based on the new strategy for the market segment "Electricity" with associations and companies.
      • Nov. 2009: Completion of the analysis of the National Development Plan electromobility: Documentation parts are methodology, analysis, strategy, graphics. For the first time, the work places the market and the necessary framework conditions for the sustainable development of electromobility at the centre of the project, including the consideration of a desired technological leadership and the necessary framework conditions. Viewing.
    • Key topic 3: Securing transfer data in communication networks
      • Documents
      • Nov. 2008: Founding of the think tank STRATPROG.
      • May 2009: Publication of the first edition of the Executive Safety Bulletin.
      • Mar. 2009: Publication of the 2nd edition of the Executive Safety Bulletin.
      • Nov. 2009: Support for the planning of a security congress with leading German companies for the spring of 2010.
    • Other activities and projects (2010)
      • Accompanying contract negotiations in Latin America for the realization of a nationwide telecommunications project.
      • Assistance in establishing business links in Latin America with a focus on access to raw materials.


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